Henckels Classic Bread Knife Review: 7″ Knife for Slicing

You don’t have to be an expert to cut a crusty loaf perfectly, but you will definitely need the best bread knife to do that. Thus, if you want flawlessly sliced pieces of freshly baked loaves, you should get the Henckels Classic Bread knife to make your dining fancy.

Henckels is a reputed brand for manufacturing top-tier knives to make your kitchen experience delightful. And this bread knife is one of their finest creations, which ensures an optimal user experience.

So if you are thinking about adding a bread knife to your cutlery collection, why don’t you start with this one? Let me give you a detailed review of this knife so you can make a confident purchase by the end of this article!

Henckels Classic Bread Knife Review
Henckels Classic Bread Knife Review

Let’s dive in further to get all the juicy details of this incredible bread knife, shall we?

HENCKELS Classic Bread Knife Quick View

ParticularHENCKELS 7 inches Bread Knife
Knife ConstructionForged, Full Tang Bread Knife
Blade MaterialHC German steel
Blade EdgeSerrated
HandlesFull Bolster, Triple-riveted
ColorBlack/Stainless Steel
Blade Size7-inch
Suitable ForCutting/Slicing Bread

HENCKELS Classic Bread Knife Review

This Spanish-made Henckels Classic bread knife comes with a seamless construction from the tip to the end. The blade is forged with high-quality stainless steel to provide superior performance for its user.

It comes with a classic serrated edge, so you can cut bread entirely without ruining its shape and crust. If you are hosting a brunch or fancy wine tasting, this knife will help you cut precise pieces of bread, and that will be the crowd-pleaser.

HENCKELS CLASSIC Bread Knife, 7-inch, Black/Stainless Steel

This knife is a necessity on everyday breakfast tables too. It is designed to be highly durable and functional. Thus, once you are hooked on this bread knife, you don’t have to go for another one in a long time!

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But everything comes with its perks and cons, and this knife is not above that. So before we get into the detailed explanation of every feature, let me inform you about all the pros and cons you’re going to get if you buy this one.


  • Top-tier German stainless steel construction
  • Forged from a single-piece HC stainless steel
  • Ergonomic triple-riveted handle with full bolster
  • Full tang construction for superior stability
  • Dishwasher-friendly


  • It’s more on the expensive side

HENCKELS Bread Knife : In-Depth Over View

HENCKELS CLASSIC Bread Knife, 7-inch, Black/Stainless Steel

We already know that it doesn’t require any expertise to use a bread knife. But if your knife isn’t efficient enough or doesn’t come with the correct ergonomics, you will butcher your loaves brutally!

Freshly baked bread will yield to this marvelously serrated knife as it comes with a fantastic construction. To make you realize its potential, no, I will review this knife’s feature step by step so you can understand why you need this knife in your life! So let’s proceed!

Knife Construction:

This knife comes with a premium-grade German stainless steel construction. It is designed with enhanced durability so you can get a more excellent value for the money.

It is designed with a full tang construction, and the seamless transition from head to toe makes this knife amazingly sturdy and well-balanced. Moreover, this knife is exceptionally flexible; hence you can cut your loaves however you want!

This knife’s material is stain-resistant steel, so you don’t have to go through any hefty maintenance. It’s not prone to rust or stain, which makes your life easier.

Though this knife is dishwasher-friendly, you should wash this knife by hand to maintain its optimal condition. If you take care of it a little, it will last a lifetime, trust me!

Blade Material:

This knife’s blade is forged from a single-piece solid stainless steel and has gone through a hot drop technique for enhanced durability. It comes with a no-stain formula and is not vulnerable to chipping or any other damages.

This blade has a flawless satin finish and is constructed with exceptional stability so you can work with the utmost safety in the kitchen.

Additionally, this blade allows you to cut pieces of bread with incredible flexibility, which is a bonus if you are going for the fancy cuts!

Blade Edge:

The blade of this knife is designed with a serrated edge like every other typical bread knife. However, it is precisely honed for having remarkable edge retention, making it unique from other utensils in the market.

The edges of this knife are accurately angled so you can precisely cut your slices of bread without butchering or ruining its shape. And I know it is a little trickier to sharpen serrated edges.

But as it can hold on to sharpness for an exceptionally long time, you don’t have to worry about honing it frequently.


This bread knife comes with a super comfortable handle designed to ensure a safe environment for the user. It has a triple-riveted construction, so you can work with remarkable stability and avoid any unpleasant accidents while working.

To make your experience more delightful, the handle is made with a full bolster to protect your fingers and gives it the weight and much-needed robustness for the safest experience.


This bread knife is available in black/stainless color that will be rightly fitted to any kitchen interior. It is an aesthetically pleasing knife that looks elegant when you hold it to cut your bread into precise pieces.

Blade Size:

This knife’s blade is seven inches, which is a perfect length for the bread knife. And if you are an armature, this knife will be the most suitable one for you.

Why Should You Buy It?

A bread knife is necessary for every household, and you will have to use it almost every day. Therefore, you need to get a knife to offer you a long-lasting service and outstanding functionality.

So if you want to get a bread knife that will serve you for a surprisingly long time, you should go for this for one for the ultimate experience.

This outstanding knife has always received positive feedback from first-hand users. If you pick any review online, you will see 4.3-4.5 star ratings of this knife, thanks to its remarkable ergonomics.

The HENCKELS CLASSIC Bread Knife is one of the finest creations of this brand. So if you are looking for a high-performance bread knife to include in your cutlery collection, you should go for this one without any hint of doubt.

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